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Steve Cuno Recommends Jardine Law Offices

I was shocked—shocked, I tell you!—at the terrific level of service I received from Jardine Law Offices. I approached them with what was, admittedly, a tiny case. At least, it seemed tiny to me. Yet from the attention they gave me and the promptitude with which they performed, you'd have thought I was their biggest client. I had expected to receive token attention and pay through the nose for it. On the contrary, they were prompt, kept me informed, and charged an astonishingly reasonable fee (established up-front, before I was under any obligation). In fact, an opportunity arose to add to the agreed-upon fee, and they didn't take it. Should I ever need legal services again—knock on wood—you can bet that I will not hesitate to retain them.

– Steve Cuno

Angel Vine Recommends Joseph Jardine

Joseph Jardine is an absolutely amazing attorney and person in general!! When I first spoke to him I informed him of my situation and admitted that I was guilty etc. My situation was a very rough one considering I was already on ap&p and had caught a new charge. The same type of charge I was on probation for. Mr. Jardine didn't judge me from my past mistakes and past charges. He saw me for the kind of person and mother I am and see that I'm a good person and a great mother just trying to provide for my kids. He was in the middle of a big trial case when he took my case on and even though he was super busy with the trial case, he always made time to talk to me or meet me when I needed him too or asked him too. He was super understanding and compassionate to my situation. He was able to help me so much and he got me home confinement instead of jail time which I'm able to leave for work, medical things for me, and my two girls and my father. He was also able to get the new charge and probation ran concurrently with my current probation. If it wasn't for Joseph Jardine fighting for me and standing up for me then I wouldn't be at home with my girls right now..I'd be sitting in Davis county jail. If you want a lawyer who genuinely cares and who's genuinely on your side even if you're guilty then I recommend him greatly! He knew my financial situation and only charged me 1500$ and even though I didn't have the cash he took my truck title as collateral and he set up payment arrangements of 250 a month. He's absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you again so very much Joseph for seeing me for who I am and not for what my criminal record says!!

– Angel Vine

Kit Gunter Recommends Joseph Jardine

Absolutely amazing law firm. I was awestruck at how thorough and detail-oriented Mr. Jardine was. The way he worked the courtroom, witnesses, and the jury was simply the utmost in professionalism. If you need a trial lawyer, please consider this firm!

– Kit Gunter

Lapreece Kirby Recommends Peter Goodall

Peter is sharp! He was on top of my case and has a response to every detail. Peter has a full understanding of the laws. My case was very sensitive and I felt very uncomfortable talking about it but Peter made me feel comfortable. No judgment whatsoever. I felt confident once on the stand. The outcome of my case was great! I made sure to add there contact in my phone for future reference... "hold up let me call my lawyer!" And you can't forget Bellina she was the first person I talked to she is such a sweet gal and very professional. From start to finish I have been nothing but satisfied!

– Lapreece Kirby

Prissy Zapata Recommends Joseph Jardine

Very attentive and responsive to questions/concerns. Joseph and Bellina always listened to my questions and took their time to answer them. Peter was great! Thank you for your service.

– Prissy Zapata

Kevin Schlenker Recommends Joseph Jardine

Nice people and got the case resolved. Saved me some money too.

– Kevin Schlenker

Kim Robinson Kimbrell Recommends Joseph Jardine

They are very good to work with. They know their law. I would recommend them anytime. They got my sister out of a lot of drama with Davis County. They are the best!!!

– Kim Robinson Kimbrell

K O Recommends Joseph Jardine

Jardine Law helped me to understand and reduce some traffic infractions and handle the court process accordingly. I'd recommend them for sure!

– K O

Michael Prax Recommends Peter Goodall

Peter has been representing me and my case since 2017. I feel like He has done a great job of fighting for me and my family. He was able to get me a great deal in a situation in a complicated case against a corrupt and abusive government agency that holds all the cards. I feel like he is good at letting you know the reality of the situation and works hard to get you something that is fair. I also feel like he was very fair on his fees and tries hard to get you your money's worth. I will never be in the same situation again in the future, but if anything were to happen I know he is going to be the one I call.

– Michael Prax

Arturo Borjas Recommends Peter Goodall

Mr. Perter Goodall was very transparent with the information provided within my court case and had this all done with little to no stress regarding my case. All that being said Mr. Goodall had this finalized with only one court visit and walking out with outstanding results within my court case. 🤩

– Arturo Borjas

Galahad Diaz Recommends Peter Goodall

Peter Goodall has been awesome and worked my case with the utmost respect and professionalism, I would definitely rehire and recommended the Jardine law firm to anyone, they're masters at what they do and very knowledgeable also aren't afraid to represent their clients in the courtrooms.

– Galahad Diaz

Rob Pepper Recommends Joseph Jardine

Outstanding attention and counsel, even for very minor cases. I was pleasantly surprised by the response and consideration I was afforded by the team at Jardine.

– Rob Pepper