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Sooner or later we all get one. It may be your first ticket or one of many. Let us offer you some information to help you in your decision-making process, and offer our services.

We have included a chart that speaks to the fine you will likely pay and the points that you will A police car's sirens lighting up at nightaccumulate on your record for various speeding offenses. As you know, moving violations may also impact your insurance premiums for both home and business vehicles, and in some cases, if you accumulated too many points, you could lose your driver's license. For people who own multiple vehicles, an insurance rate bump of 15% can literally mean thousands of dollars of extra premiums if your case is not handled correctly. Here is an insurance rate calculator based on various charges that predicts what will happen on the insurance side.

You may be surprised to learn that you have options - even if you are guilty. We have been successful in reducing charges and even keeping them off our clients' driving records. Let's face it, making an informed decision is your best choice.

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When you are facing a traffic ticket or a more serious allegation, call or text us. Since we regularly appear in various courts across the State of Utah, we can offer discounted legal fees for speeding infractions starting at $300 (prices vary by location). Like more details? Contact us today.

Speeding Violations



1-10 MPH Over



11-15 MPH Over



16-20 MPH Over



21 - 25 MPH Over



26-30 MPH Over



31+ MPH Over

$470 +


Utah DLD: Suspension may occur if 200 points accumulate over 3 years for drivers over 21, or if 70 points accumulate over 3 years for drivers under 21. Reckless Driving alone is 80 points!

Here is the State's License Point System.

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