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Case Results

Client arrested for DUI with a breath alcohol content of 0.23, almost 5 times the legal limit! Through Mr. Goodall's work, it is determined that the officer did not ensure that the breath testing machine was properly calibrated. The breath results get thrown out.

Result: Impaired driving charge.

Two clients charged with street racing. They were each driving very fast vehicles. Cop thought it was a good time to start shouting at both parties. Body cam ended up missing.

Result: Both clients got minor speeding tickets.

Client charged with reckless driving and evading police on her motorcycle. The police dashcam showed clearly that the Client could not have seen the officer's red and blue "takedown lights" given the existing traffic conditions.

Result: Speeding ticket.

Client charged with reckless driving. Client was clocked at 103 going up Parley's Canyon. Through negotiations, citation changed to speeding ticket.

Result: Changed to speeding tickets.

Client charged with DUI. Cops followed Client from a local bar and said that he was not maintaining his lane. Client smartly had his own dashcam footage which showed cop was stretching the truth a bit.

Result: Case dismissed.