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First of all, we are sorry you were involved in an accident. We have our main website that goes into various specific types of accidents. The reality is there are many law firms that devote hundreds of pages to car accidents alone. Let us tell you why you might want to choose us instead of them. At our firm, you are a person and not simply a case file. We work hard to obtain the best settlement possible for you. If we don't achieve what we consider to be a fair settlement, we won't hesitate to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Unfortunately, there are law firms out there that are not interested in litigating your case to achieve maximum recovery for you. Now, in fairness to my colleagues in the accident industry, many times the maximum recovery is achieved without filing suit.

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One car rear-ending another carBut consider this. Some law firms are known for regularly filing suits on behalf of their clients when negotiations break down. Other law firms are known for taking the last offer on the table from the insurance company, and rarely, if ever, filing a lawsuit. If your attorney is known to simply take the last offer on the table, will that result in the top-dollar being paid? Think about it.

At our firm, we are known for regularly negotiating top offers. We have had health care professionals comment to us and our clients how remarkable it is that we are able to negotiate one top offer after another. We know it is a top offer when we negotiate for policy limits. We don't always get policy limits, because not every case merits policy limits, but we do seem to get more than our fair share of top offers. One Floorboard of a vehicle covered in shattered glassother thing, strong and thorough negotiation takes time. Top offers are the results of hard work and patience. If you are willing to invest both, we can help you achieve a top offer.

Finally, we sometimes represent clients on accidents where the police have cited the wrong party. Traffic laws can be a little hard to interpret at times, and sometimes the wrong person gets the at-fault ticket. If you are in that situation, call us so we can place the blame where it properly lies, with the person who didn't follow the traffic laws and caused an accident.

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